Small businesses have generally had a difficult time expanding into global trade and serving foreign customers. However, eBay has created a way for businesses to easily create a storefront on their platform and compete in global markets while still focusing on their local communities. In the traditional economy, most businesses are not exporting and women-led businesses typically trade at lower rates than those headed by men. 

This is not the case on eBay, where nearly every small business enabled on the platform participate in exporting and their women-owned businesses have a higher export rate and reach than men-owned businesses.

The number of women-owned business enterprises in the United States has increased rapidly in the past years, as well as the growth rate, revenues, and employments of those businesses. However, businesses ran by Women are still generally smaller than men-owned businesses. Exporting is dominated by large firms, making it difficult for women-owned businesses to engage in global trade.

With the rise of global digital platform services, selling and sourcing internationally has been made much easier for small businesses by reducing non-tariff barriers to trade and having access to more information. eBay is severing the link between the size of an enterprise and the ability to participate in global trade. 

This has been an even greater advantage for women-owned businesses as 97 percent of women-owned eBay-enabled businesses in the United States are exporters, greatly surpassing the 1 percent of all traditional U.S. businesses that export. eBay uses its platform to empower small women-owned enterprises in the U.S. to reach a large number of markets globally. 60 percent of women-owned eBay-enabled small businesses export to 10+ markets, the average number being 17, and the top destinations being Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Russia. This is far beyond the average number of export markets reached by U.S. businesses, which is four. This is primarily because eBay is able to shatter the traditional costs of entry for markets, the main reason many traditional businesses only sell to a few number of them.

Global digital platform services are enabling new consumer demand and commerce opportunities around the world regardless of where enterprises are located. eBay is committed to enabling women-owned small businesses with the resources and opportunities to grow their operations and create wealth in their own communities, which has been shown based on findings from 2017 eBay marketplace data and the World Economic Forum data. eBay has been enabling more small businesses, specifically women-owned businesses, to engage in international trade, a concept that use to only be an aspiration for many of them.

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