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Learn about the New and Improved STEP GRANT for eCommerce & Digital Marketing

In response to the demand for digital trade services, the State Trade Export Program (STEP) can NOW help fund your path to online sales in international markets. This grant provides the seed money to help you optimize your international check-out, build your cross-border digital marketing campaign and more.

While a few thousand dollars may not transform your growth trajectory, if used wisely, it can enable you to say “Yes!” to overseas consumers and open the door to new markets. And to help your funds take you farther, we’ve put out a call to our industry network for special STEP Grant priced deals to help your funds take you farther.

Please complete the below questionnaire to see if you fulfill the basic requirements for receiving STEP funds. This is not a guarantee of acceptance, and if your answer is “no” to any of these questions, you might as well skip the grant application and go straight to the offers below knowing you will have to pay your own way.

If you answer “yes” to all of below questions, we invite you to schedule a complimentary call with our free government-funded grant expert to walk you through the application process.

Simona Racek

Simona Racek, B.A., has 7 years of experience in international business. She grew up in Romania and began her work in international trade as a paralegal for a large law firm in downtown Los Angeles. Simona is the Founder/CEO of an export management company. Her expertise touches on: global export market planning and budgeting; applications for different state, federal, and regional grants to support export activities; and regulatory compliance within the global health and dietary supplement industry.

Exciting New Ways You Can Use Your Grant Money ...

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Website Globalization

Incremental Is Key

Start with plugins on your existing site to offer multi-currency check-outs, welcome mat in multiple languages, duty and tax calculations and fulfillment optimization
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Cross-Border Digital Marketing

Whether you’re selling B2C or B2B, you’ll want to build your brand overseas via Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Hire an expert to run campaigns in local languages around the globe. If you’ve already got the basics, boost your traffic overseas or have your in-country distributor do so and send you the receipts for reimbursement.
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Cross-Border Shipping Fulfillment Optimization

Get your current warehouse and fulfillment center prepped for global orders by integrating a labeling service that syncs to your duties and tax optimized check-out counter to enable your fulfillment center to go global.
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Hire a Digital Marketing Intern

California has 1.2 million college students enrolled in ecommerce courses. Many learning about digital marketing. Hire one for a few months to get them cracking on global brand building. With CITC’s Virtual Internship Program, you don’t take on any liability, interns are overseen by a government-funded SEO expert and your overseas viewership starts cranking up.
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Website and Product Description Translation

Whether selling through your website or on a marketplace or building a digital marketing campaign, have a translator localize your content to ensure it resonates with your audience.
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Global Readiness Assessment & Consultation

Find out where you stand on your global expansion trajectory and hire an export consultant to walk you through your next steps.
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Online Education

It has never been a better time to hunker down in front of your computer and take yourself through a digital marketing, cross-border compliance or website optimization module. Learn more about great deals on global expansion coursework.
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