With global and national Coronavirus quarantines and lockdowns, the times are very challenging right now.  This generation has never been through anything like what we are experiencing now.  With cities enforcing a “lockdown,” it makes living and working very difficult. However, because of our advanced technology, we are able to stay connected, productive, and supplied.  Just twenty years ago, this would not have been easily achieved. Thirty years ago, it would have been impossible.     

We Are All Connected

With the advancement of electronic conferencing technology, we are able to communicate and collaborate through services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Apple’s Facetime, and other services.  Document sharing with Google Docs and Dropbox allows us to send large documents and work on projects together. It is as if we were all in the same room at the same time.

Almost everyone these days has a webcam, microphone, a computer, and an internet connection – and that’s all it takes. Recently many ecommerce companies have sent their employees home to work remotely. That keeps the supply lines moving, even though their office are empty.

Supplying Our Lives Through Ecommerce

Instead of going to the store to buy what we need, we can order our basic living supplies through ecommerce portals.  We are only a few clicks away from whatever we need. Sophisticated supply channels and delivery networks keep the flow of goods moving, ready for delivery right to the consumer’s front door. 

Ecommerce Steps Up

The most important thing we can do during these quarantine days is to stay as far away from crowded places as we can.  Through ecommerce, we order what we need, without having to risk our health and safety. The network is in place and ready to supply the world with the necessary daily supplies. 

Amazon has announced that it is prioritizing the delivery of essential products, by restocking only those kinds of goods that are required for everyday living.  Walmart has created a special COVID-19 personnel policy to make sure that affected workers have paid time off to recover, keeping the rest of their employees healthy and able to fill the orders for their ecommerce customers in the usual timely manner.

Technology is allowing our lives to continue, almost uninterrupted through this worldwide crisis.  Many people and companies will continue to stay productive through the use of online communications systems.  Ecommerce will keep our homes supplied with the essential goods needed for everyday life.

Imagine where we would all be without it today.    

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Perry Goldstein
Perry Goldstein

Perry Goldstein has spent over 40 years in the electronics industry, in both the Consumer and Pro A/V sides of the industry. He is a pioneer of the ecommerce industry, working with ecommerce platforms since the advent of the channel in the mid-1990s. He has extensive experience working with Amazon since their entry into the electronics industry, as well as many of the biggest online retailers.