Selling your products globally used to be very complicated.  To become a global company, you needed a large staff, a big budget, and an international sales network.  Today, through the magic of technology, and with all of the services that have popped up serving the ecommerce industry, it is easier than ever to reach the outermost markets of the world. 

However, going global in California via ecommerce requires a solid foundation.  Before going global, there are a few important stepping stones that a company has to take including:

  • Experience and success in their U.S. domestic ecommerce sales.
  • A seasoned team of experienced ecommerce professionals.
  • A network of logistic providers.
  • A financially secure organization.
  • A team member with experience and understanding of international markets and regulations. 

Get Your Feet Wet in Your Own Backyard First

There are so many moving parts to ecommerce.  From content creation to logistics, customer service and inventory management, it takes a well run company to succeed in ecommerce. 

For companies in a startup mode, the learning curve is a straight 90-degree angle up.  For established companies, expanding from traditional sales to ecommerce, there is virtually an unlimited combination of sales models they can follow. 

The best way to achieve success is by trial and error.  California companies are turning to the California International Trade Center (CITC) for information and assistance when they decide to enter the ecommerce business, and expand globally.

For these reasons, building out your company’s ecommerce plan should be done close to home.  A company can spend a lot of money to enter new global markets, only to find out they weren’t ready to expand.  That can cost a lot of money, and create customer service problems that cannot be fixed.  That is why it is best to start slow and local.

When You Are Ready to Go Global, Contact the CITC

Once you iron out all of the wrinkles in your ecommerce sales model domestically, it is now time to expand into international markets.  When you expand, it is important to manage expectations.  It may not be spectacular at first, and the business may not be profitable at first, but it is an important step to take.  Selling only domestically limits your company’s growth potential.

When you are ready to expand your business, the CITC has a range of services that will help your California company understand the nuances of ecommerce, and how to expand into global markets.  The CITC has created a series of short tutorials on ecommerce, contacts with ecommerce experts from all over the world, and the Global eCommerce Accelerator tool for your use.  All of our services are no charge, since we are a part of the California Community College system.  The CITC is here to help California companies enter the global markets that used to be the playing field of only the largest companies.  Anyone can expand globally.  Let the CITC show you how!

Perry Goldstein
Perry Goldstein

Perry Goldstein has spent over 40 years in the electronics industry, in both the Consumer and Pro A/V sides of the industry. He is a pioneer of the ecommerce industry, working with ecommerce platforms since the advent of the channel in the mid-1990s. He has extensive experience working with Amazon since their entry into the electronics industry, as well as many of the biggest online retailers.