Ecommerce businesses depend on sales, but we are in unprecedented times in the modern era.  As businesses react and adapt, the most pressing needs are taking priority with even the largest corporations having to pivot their operations and communications.

In addition to financial concerns, communications, marketing and sales is a close second on the minds of businesses as the global economy comes to a halt.  In a recent webinar on Best Practices for Brand Communications in Times of Uncertainty by Cision/PR Newswire, communications experts identified employee engagement/communications, legal communications/requirements, adapted content and humor as the top recommendations.  Employees want to hear regularly from their employers and know how they and others are being taken care of during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Review Commitments

Businesses will also want to make sure they review their marketing-related legal commitments and whether they’re able to follow through or know the implications of exiting. Regarding content, such as email campaigns and social media, the advice is not to stop but to make sure communications are taken day-by-day and that messages are relevant and sensitive.  Ultimately, this is a time when people and companies need to be adaptive, supportive and strategic. It’s also a great time to communicate how your company is helping to meet needs in the community, or how your products or services are meeting customer’s most immediate needs.

Recalculate, Restrategize

Ultimately, this is an ideal time for businesses to recalculate, restrategize and plan for how they can come out stronger on the other side of the pandemic. Some activities include data-mining, research, website updates and SEO analysis.  However, the key is to remain agile and flexible – nobody knows what the business landscape will be in a few months, so staying nimble is vital.

Most importantly, this is a time to stay positive, inspiring and not be afraid to inject humor when appropriate.  People want to know there’s support, their needs are being met and entertainment brings a certain levity and sense of normalcy to difficult situations.

For more marketing and communications resources in a crisis, please see our recent webinar with HubSpot on Global Platforms and Partnerships, a Communications Plan Checklist, and Cision’s Crisis Communications Checklist.

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