We all are aware of the danger various surfaces pose when spreading the Coronavirus.  Depending on the type of material of that surface, the virus can have varying lifespans.  That’s why washing one’s hands after touching a publicly accessible surface is so important.

But what about the packages we receive from the carriers, such as UPS, Fedex, and USPS?  It seems that ecommerce is the best way to buy your products right now. All a person does is sit at their own computer, log on, click a few times, and then sit back and wait for the package to arrive at their door.  Ecommerce requires no interpersonal contact.  

Are Packages the Weak Link?

Because a package touches so many people along the way, could it actually spread the infection?  The answer, according to the CDC is a definitive no.

This article from NPR explains it all: https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/02/03/801620037/no-you-wont-catch-the-new-coronavirus-via-packages-or-mail-from-china

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Perry Goldstein
Perry Goldstein

Perry Goldstein has spent over 40 years in the electronics industry, in both the Consumer and Pro A/V sides of the industry. He is a pioneer of the ecommerce industry, working with ecommerce platforms since the advent of the channel in the mid 1990s. He has extensive experience working with Amazon since their entry into the electronics industry, as well as many of the biggest online retailers.