Free Business Services

The California International Trade Center provides a variety of free tools and services to assist your small to mid-sized business in growing sales overseas.

Free Website Audit

Find out how optimized your site is using our free tool.

Measure Your Website's Performance

Our Website Audit tool will help you identify where your website could be doing more to support your online marketing strategy.
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Free Export Tax Calculator

Determine the values of the Duties & Taxes that you or your customers will have to pay on typical orders.

Duties & Taxes Calculator

Duties and taxes can have a big impact on your online sales.
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Find a Distributor Overseas

Finding the right international distributor can equate to success and sales.

Grow Sales Overseas

Our International Trade Business Advisor is ready to help you find the right overseas distributor.
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Hire an Intern

The Global Trade Virtual Internship Program (VIP) is a virtual digital media and global marketing internship program.

The Global Trade Virtual Internship Program

Students will present ongoing project updates to their host company and create a final data-driven presentation.
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Amazon Sales Estimator

Check average monthly sales numbers for specific Amazon categories.

Estimator Tool

Jungle Scout's free Estimator Tool is a great way to check average monthly sales numbers for specific Amazon categories, aid product launches and a simple way to analyze competition.
Sales Estimator

Discover State and Federal Grants

Find grant programs that will help you pay for multiple aspects of your global strategy .

Find Export Grants

Did you know that US exporters can take advantage of many different state, federal, and regional grants to support their export activities?
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