Leah Goold-Haws

Leah Goold-Haws

Statewide Director

Oversees partner development, industry and government relations and the deployment of the global digital trade office statewide.

Leah Goold-Haws is the Statewide Director of Global Trade and the Statewide Director for the California International Trade Center (CITC). Goold-Haws oversees a team that works with the 114 colleges in the California Community College system offering trade assistance to companies or individuals in the state of California.

Prior to that Goold-Haws has served as Deputy Sector Navigator of Global Trade and Logistics for the Greater Los Angeles, California region, serving 19 colleges. Goold-Haws built a reputation as a trade expert at CITC providing California small businesses with tools, training and resources to succeed in export trade activities. She operates a federal Market Development Cooperator Program in partnership with the US Department of Commerce, providing training in ecommerce for cross-border trade to companies throughout Southern California.

Goold-Haws is also the creator of Know Opportunity, a board game that teaches global commerce and entrepreneurship, which was featured in both Forbes and Inc. magazines. Goold-Haws comes to the industry with a background in entrepreneurship having founded 3 separate businesses – LGH Marketing/Strategy, Mindevices and Girls Gone Global. Leah also launched and served as the executive director for Working Strategies for Women, an initiative built on her curriculum, teaching women business owners’ global entrepreneurship. Goold-Haws speaks to her passion as a global business advocate in a TEDx talk “You Are Here.”