Once you start selling your products through ecommerce channels, you may wake up one morning and find your product for sale on a website you never heard of.  You wonder how it got there, and what can you do about it. 

Many times, rogue websites will place your product, without your knowledge.  They have no intent of actually carrying it and selling it.  They are using it to improve the traffic to their website.  They may have seen searches on their site for your product, or your product may have been getting a large number of hits on other sites.  Whatever the reason, they want the traffic your product generates. 

We call this concept “Click Bait.”  They are misleading the search engines by leading them to believe you carry that product.  When someone does a search for your product, their website may come up.  They may even be using your name in a PPC campaign to get the person searching to click onto your site.  Obviously, they are hoping once that person enters your site, they will find something else they want, and buy it.

You may be wondering where they got your product content from.  They would have gotten it from another website, possibly even your own.  They did a simple Copy & Paste, also known as scraping.  They scraped it off of one site, and pasted onto their own. 

This is a very frustrating situation, because there is very little you can do to stop this.  Since your brand name and logo is copyright protected, you can take legal action, by sending a Cease And Desist order.  That is, if you can locate them.  They could be anywhere in the world, literally. 

This is all a part of selling online, and making your content public. I wish there was a way you could easily control this, but there isn’t.  The point of this blog is to make you aware of the pitfalls and challenges of selling on the Internet.     

Perry Goldstein
Perry Goldstein

Perry Goldstein is an electronics industry veteran, with over 40 years of experience in manufacturer sales and marketing in both the consumer electronics and Pro A/V spaces. He has managed sales in both B2B and B2C markets.