Online product sales, more commonly known as ecommerce, has created a revolutionary way in which people and organizations buy and sell products.  So much so, that it grows at double digit levels, year after year.  As of the end of 2019, total global ecommerce sales was $3.46 trillion.  Additionally, the move from traditional purchasing habits to ecommerce has exploded since the start of 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The pandemic has quickly accelerated that growth, as more people moved their purchasing activities to online, for safety and convenience reasons. 

Because of this trend, job and income opportunities in the ecommerce industry have grown dramatically.  However, as more companies and workers try to enter this industry, they are finding it difficult to navigate, due to the complexity of the business model.  Education and training has not kept up with the job or the knowledge demanded to be successful. 

Most information available today is in the form unconnected blogs and tutorials, offered by for-profit companies, designed to drive traffic to their fee-based services.  Non-commercial, educational materials needed to understand the industry can be difficult to find, making it difficult to meet the skill demands.  This information is a moving target, as the industry continuously evolves as new technologies and methods that cater to this explosive industry enter the market.  

This is where the California International Trade Center (CITC) enters the picture.  CITC meets the educational demands of the industry.  The dual goal of CITC is: 

  • Assist businesses expand their reach globally, through the use of ecommerce.  
  • Prepare the next generation of workers, by educating students on the topic.

CITC was created by, and operates through the California Community College system.  It is a think tank, which creates educational curriculum, designed to meet the demands of the industry by delivering up-to-date educational components.  Because of their relationship to higher education, it brings an academic, unbiased approach to content creation.   

CITC reaches out to a number of constituents, including:

  • Small and medium businesses wishing to add ecommerce to their sales portfolio.
  • Small and medium businesses wishing to expand their reach beyond the U.S. borders.
  • Job hunters, wishing to work in this industry.
  • Services organizations that help meet the demand of ecommerce sellers.

CITC educational resources include:

  • A concise, step-by step series of short tutorials about the basics of ecommerce.  This series is aimed at the entry level individual and company.
  • Interviews with industry insiders on the latest trends.  
  • Selling to the fastest growing regions of the world.  This series is aimed at companies already in the ecommerce business, wishing to expand their reach outside of the U.S. market.
  • All topics relating to the latest trends in ecommerce, relating to sales models, content marketing, logistics, payment methods, international legal and tax compliance requirements, and the technical aspects of website development.
Perry Goldstein
Perry Goldstein

Perry Goldstein is an electronics industry veteran, with over 40 years of experience in manufacturer sales and marketing in both the consumer electronics and Pro A/V spaces. He has managed sales in both B2B and B2C markets.