There is an old saying in show business that “it takes years to become an overnight sensation.” That concept carries over to business as well.  Becoming an established business takes years, but there comes a time when all of your hard work seems to come together all at once and your business explodes. 

Quite often, that explosion is caused by a force outside of your control.  But, because you built a solid foundation, your business is ready to handle the increase in volume.  In a very short time, your business becomes very well known … it seems to come out of nowhere.

Covid-19 Lockdown and Ecommerce

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, ecommerce sales accelerated 4 to 6 years ahead of sales projections.  As of May 2020, ecommerce sales were up 77% from 2019.  That is an astonishing increase.  According to Taylor Schreiner, Director at Adobe Insights, “We are seeing signs that online purchasing trends formed during the pandemic may see permanent adoption.” 

Technology adaptation by the general public has always been the factor that drives ecommerce.  “Build it and they will come,” is not necessarily the case in online purchasing.  People have to be comfortable with using a computer for their purchases.  Factors such as age, household income, and gender are indicators of how likely a person is to buy products through ecommerce.  But many of those factors were thrown aside during the pandemic lockdown in the spring of 2020.   

Forced into Buying Online

In the early stages of the pandemic, there was very little that was understood about the virus – what caused it and what cured it was a total mystery.  The only safe place was a person’s home – even going to the grocery store was seen as a life-threatening activity.  As a result, everyone stayed home.  And that is what drove everyone to the Internet for their necessities. 

And that explains the explosion in online sales. 

Buyers and Sellers Came Together

People who were not predisposed to buying online quickly because comfortable with it.  Their very lives depended on it.  Those who were already used to buying online, expanded their purchases to things they used to buy in person, such as groceries. 

eCommerce companies added new products to their product line-up.  They invested in their ecommerce infrastructure to improve their sites to be more competitive.  Established ecommerce companies expanded their sales overseas to take advantage of the captive audience they were suddenly handed. 

The slow and steady evolution of online selling quickly became a revolution.  And the world will never go back to the old model again. 

This opportunity can be a bonanza for California based businesses if they are willing to take the right steps.  The California International Trade Center (CITC) is here to help them expand their ecommerce business to international markets.  With the entry of so many new logistics options, and the ability to reach the end-user directly, now is the time to invest in the infrastructure to accommodate overseas sales.  The U.S. domestic market is but a fraction of what the world has to offer. 

And that is the mission of the CITC … to help California based businesses expand their reach globally. 

Perry Goldstein
Perry Goldstein

Perry Goldstein has spent over 40 years in the electronics industry, in both the Consumer and Pro A/V sides of the industry. He is a pioneer of the ecommerce industry, working with ecommerce platforms since the advent of the channel in the mid-1990s. He has extensive experience working with Amazon since their entry into the electronics industry, as well as many of the biggest online retailers.