Every journey starts with but a single step is the old adage, and no saying describes the ecommerce journey better. 

The common misconception is that placing a product on a single ecommerce platform, (such as amazon.com or walmart.com) for sale is the number one goal and endpoint for a product.  The chances for a sale increases when the product is placed on multiple platforms. That is how a seller can create real demand for their product.  

The Discovery Process

Before the public embraces a product, they have to first learn about it.  Once upon a time, not too long ago during what I call “The Analog Age,” that meant first getting that product onto a retailer’s shelf, and then placing it in print ads. 

The ad brought it to the public’s attention and created awareness for it. That is what I call The Discovery process — the process was a long, slow, and expensive one.  

Welcome To “The Digital Age”

In The Digital Age, a product can easily be discovered by countless numbers of potential buyers through ecommerce, and in a much more rapid manner

Through the employment of a content aggregator (such as GfK Etilize and CNET), product information can be placed on hundreds of ecommerce websites almost overnight. 

Through the use of search engine optimization and SEM platforms like Google AdWords and Bings Ads, a product can be easily discovered.  Using paid search networks, products can also appear on many of the websites that people visit on a regular basis, such as popular news sites, YouTube, and mobile apps.  

An Overnight Sensation

Seeing a product all across the web, can give it greater exposure and credibility. It’s like that new actor who suddenly appears, virtually out of nowhere, on every talk show you tune into — all of a sudden, that actor is an overnight sensation.

It’s the same concept with a product. Though it takes more than just placement to get it noticed, getting it placed is the first step. 

The Compacted Discovery Process

Launching a product into the consciousness of the buying public used to take years to accomplish.  Through ecommerce, and when done correctly, this can be accomplished in weeks.

The operative phrase here is “done correctly.” Just placing the product on all of these ecommerce websites alone will not guarantee its discovery. It’s the combination of a variety of placements, an optimized website, and the strategic use of search engine optimization and SEO audit tools that help a product gain visibility in Google Search.  Don’t rely on just accidental discovery to launch your product.  

Be Patient, The Sale Will Happen

While it can take time to go from discovery to sale, there has never been a faster way to get your product into the public consciousness than through ecommerce. 

It can be less expensive than through an “analog” campaign of paid print and electronic media ads. That is because in a PPC campaign, you only pay for engagements, not gross impressions and audience size.  In terms of CPM, the cost is usually much less. The reach is international and easily accessible.

From Discovery To Stardom

Once your product is placed on all of the ecommerce websites, it should get legs of its own.  But remember that ecommerce is just one stop – once you are discovered on the web, the next stop can be on store shelves if that is a goal.  Traditional distribution is alive and well. But today, all products are auditioned through ecommerce which is starting place for all new products.

About the Author

Perry Goldstein
Perry Goldstein

Perry Goldstein has spent over 40 years in the electronics industry, in both the Consumer and Pro A/V sides of the industry. He is a pioneer of the ecommerce industry, working with ecommerce platforms since the advent of the channel in the mid 1990s. He has extensive experience working with Amazon since their entry into the electronics industry, as well as many of the biggest online retailers.