eCommerce in Europe- Southern Europe

by Daniella DeLea

Southern Europe (which includes Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal and Greece) are slowing becoming more accustomed to eCommerce.  While these countries lag behind other markets such as France and Germany, it is still important to note that a lot of growth is happening in this region.   There are some bright spots though in terms of growth.   B2C eCommerce growth in 2020 in Greece was exceptionally high (77%) showing that there is some progress in this market that could be leveraged for those wishing to export.  Frequency of online purchases skyrocketed in Malta and Spain.  Malta in particular had 41% of online purchases coming from other countries.   

In Southern Europe there has been steady growth of eCommerce with a rise of 50% to 64% of internet users buying goods or services online between 2017 and 2021.  In considering eCommerce in Southern Europe, the most frequented media channel is still Facebook (now Meta) in many of these countries, so using it for advertising and selling of products is one way to reach customers.  Having relationships with customers is seen as critical, this means having responsive customer service and having value along the supply chain.   

Some online marketplaces to access Southern European customers include ePrice (an Italian online retailer) ( .  The seller pays a subscription fee of 29 euros and a commission from 5 to 8 percent on transactions only (depending on product category).  Amazon and eBay are also extremely popular in Southern Europe as well.   All of these may be options if you are looking to expand to the continent.