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adam xavier, ceo at hilton lifestyle

Adam Xavier

CEO at Hilton Lifestyle

Our engagement with CITC provided resources including STEP grant funds which enabled us to grow distribution in Italy. Our company was able to implement a globalized website utilizing resources and guidance
from the CITC which allowed us to increase our customer base. Our sales to overseas customers increased 12.39% due to the strategic guidance and outreach that was facilitated by CITC.

Dr. David M Lewis

Senior Vice President of Business Development at Orange Daily
Your programs have already provided us with services, experts and ideas that will enable us to reach much higher levels. Our executive team has become energized with the great information you’ve provided, and I want to thank you and the rest of your staff for maintaining such a wonderful program. I truthfully have never experienced a government-sponsored program as excellent as this one.
Roy Kuppenbender, Ampac USA, Inc.

Roy Kuppenbender

CEO of Ampac-USA

In two years’ time, our company has grown to be registered in 19 countries, with submitted registrations in an additional 43 countries. Our team and strategic alliances are now truly global in reach, and we believe for the first time, our company will be profitable by the end of this year. I can sincerely attribute a great deal of this success to the support we receive from organizations like yours.

Alexander Soler

Alexander Soler

Creative Director at Urth Apparel

The CITC advisors we have worked with have been fantastic. We are starting a new brand and a new division of business to help us pivot from the losses caused by the pandemic.  In less than one meeting, Kuntal, our CITC advisor captured our mission and ethos.  She has helped us create a tangible, written marketing plan, design press releases, and advised on our social calendar.  She
is now helping us plan out all of 2021. 

Our Consultants

Our team is dedicated to assisting small and mid-size CA companies in enhancing their ecommerce capabilities and growing sales online and overseas.

Simona Racek

Simona Racek


Brandon Church

Brandon Church


Patricia Melendez

Patricia Melendez


Kuntal Warwick


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