Patrick L. Perreault

Patrick L. Perreault

International eCommerce Expert

Patrick Perreault is the CEO of Getting to Global, an organization dedicated to simplifying global trade and promoting the adoption of ecommerce. His role with the California International Trade Center is to advise companies on incremental strategies to go global through ecommerce.

Throughout his career, Patrick had the chance to work on large-scale ecommerce projects for clients including Adidas, the NFL, Dell, and FOX. He also had the opportunity to deliver ecommerce projects with over one hundred start-ups and small businesses.

Patrick is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on the topics of digital transformation, eCommerce for trade promotion, and global entrepreneurship.

Pain Points Addressed:

  • Developing an ecommerce strategy from the ground up
  • Selecting the best international online sales channels
  • Localizing your website and marketing collaterals
  • Adapting logistics and customer service for international markets